Sailing schedule

Please find our current sailing schedule below, valid until 31 October 2018. Please contact a member of our team on 0800 162 322 to discuss your Cook Strait shipping requirements today.

1 May - 31 October 2018

Wellington to Picton

Straitsman Strait Feronia Straitsman Strait Feronia
Monday 2.30am 8.00am 1.30pm 8.45pm
Tuesday 2.30am 8.00am 1.30pm 8.45pm
Wednesday 2.30am 8.00am 1.30pm 8.45pm
Thursday 2.30am 8.00am 1.30pm 8.45pm
Friday 2.30am 8.00am 1.30pm 8.45pm
Saturday 8.00am 8.45pm
Sunday 8.00am 1.30pm 8.45pm

Picton to Wellington

Strait Feronia Straitsman Strait Feronia Straitsman
Monday 2.15am 8.00am 2.00pm 7.00pm
Tuesday 2.15am 8.00am 2.00pm 7.00pm
Wednesday 2.15am 8.00am 2.00pm 7.00pm
Thursday 2.15am 8.00am 2.00pm 7.00pm
Friday 2.15am 8.00am 2.00pm 7.00pm
Saturday 2.15am 2.00pm
Sunday 2.15am 2.00pm 7.00pm

Indicates a freight only/dangerous goods sailing. See the dangerous goods information page for details of which dangerous goods can be shipped.

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