The Straitsman

The new Straitsman arrived in New Zealand from Denmark in December 2010. At just five years old the ship is the most modern vessel on Cook Strait.

Formerly the Dueodde, the ship has been renamed Straitsman in recognition of Strait Shipping's first vessel, in service for eleven years from when the company began in 1992.

Manufactured in a Dutch shipyard in 2005, the purpose built roll-on roll-off vessel has a range of green features including its fuel efficiency and utilisation of waste heat for heating hot water and passenger areas.

The ferry's contemporary Scandinavian interior areas accommodate 400 passengers in comfortable modern cabins and reclining seating.

The vessel is equipped with high-tech navigation aids, stabilisers, two powerful bow thrusters and in-line high lift flap rudders to ensure effective manoeuvrability.

The ship previously connected the Island of Bornholm with the Danish mainland.

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