Trestle system

The LOT trailer system we use is one of our key points of difference. Find out how this smart technology enables us to achieve a safe, fast and cost-effective roll-on roll-off operation.

Lashing trailers and pushing trailer-horses has for the last 30 years been a hard, slow and cost intensive operation. The LOT system we now have in place at Strait Shipping has changed all that completely.

With this modern approach, the auto trestle is connected to the trailer via its fifth wheel-kingpin connection by one of our terminal tractors. The auto trestle then forms an integrated part of the trailer during the crossing. Due to its rigid design the required number of lashings are highly reduced. 

In turn our trestle system leads to significant time and cost savings helping our customers improve their on-time performance and allowing us to remain competitive on price.

Watch this 30 second demonstration clip to gain a better understanding of how our experienced drivers operate this very effective system.

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